As a domestic leader, our company can provide 4 production lines. With mature production process, standard work and scale production, we are able to offer our customers best quality, services and delivery time.

In order to give the cheapest price, our company has taken numerous measures. For example, we build strategic partnerships with our suppliers, provide technical support and exchange price with quantity so as to enjoy the most favorable purchase price. Then, we strictly abide by material control system to lower production loss. Also, we adopt ERP management platform and internal online communication tool to work without paper. Finally, we strive to encourage our staffs to focus on the product quality, increase labor productivity and reduce all kinds of costs.

Our company has employed senior designers with over 40 years of experience in our industry, professional staffs in charge of quality and production management, proficient foreign trade clerks, skillful engineers and well trained operators. All these excellent staffs form a highly efficient management team for design, research, developing, manufacturing and assembling. This team can provide our customers with required technical support and interconnection solution, as well as industrialized and tailored product with high quality and high precision.

With experience of nearly ten years, our company has closely paid attention to the research and development of interconnection technology as well as the market trends. Also, we never stop innovatively developing our new product and we manage to solve all technical problems for our customers. All these efforts help us accumulate abundant design experience and mature production technique.

Over 20 high precision and fully automatic CNC lathes are available in our company, including metal processing devices like progressive milling machine, stamping machine, drilling machine and engraving machine, as well as advanced production equipments such as stripping machine, bending machine, high or low frequency of welding machine and ultrasonic cleaner, etc. We continuously apply these equipments to strengthening our automated production so as to increase production capacity, provide superior quality and liberate labor force.

Besides, hundreds of molds have been designed and made by our engineers for production and inspection, which can help simplify original operation to guarantee the consistency of our product quality and also reduce the process time.

Our experimental facilities include salt spray devices, high or low temperature experimental facilities, tensile tester and torque wrenches and so on. Our testing equipments can fall into 40G network analyzer, cross modulation tester, RoSH detector, impedance instrument and voltage tester, etc. These devices can ensure to control our product quality at all stages from raw materials to finished goods.

Main Products
  • SMB Connector The SMB connector is a kind of preferred coaxial RF fittings for connecting RF coaxial cables in the RF circuit of radio equipment and electronic machines. It has such characteristics as push lock feature, small volume, light weight, excellent electrical performance and easy to use...
  • MCX Connector MCX connector is a series of ideal coaxial cable accessories with push type structure. Although its inner diameter of conductor and outer diameter of insulator are similar to SMB series, the outside diameter of plug in our product can be 30 percent smaller than SMB series. Thus, it is smaller and lighter, suitable for the areas in high demand for weight and volume...